Your Merchant Company has partnered with POS Lavu to take full advantage of the powerful technology built into the Apple iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone  in order to offer iPad credit card processing. As the California distributor, YMC can offer you a WIRELESS POS solution. NO WIRES to the thermal printer, NO WIRES to the cash drawer, and NO WIRES to the kitchen printer! Imagine the END of walking back and forth to the POS terminal simply by using a credit card processing iPad.

To speak to a representative about iPad POS Systems, please contact us at (877) 977-7123, or fill in your contact information below and a representative will call you at your convenience.

POS Systems

Your Merchant Company has the knowledge you need to successfully accept credit cards! At YMC, we are not only familiar with, but compatible with, almost all POS systems on the market. We work closely with Micros, Aloha and Lavu POS systems. Why wait any longer? Start accepting credit cards now!